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5 tips to address Customer Queries efficiently

How to address the most complex customer queries in real-time

customer queries

Maintaining a record of customers’ details is key to offering them tailored and personalized customer service. According to Salesforce’s State of Connected Customer Report, 66% of consumers expect brands to understand their individual needs. Today, digital is at the centre of customer experiences across all geographies and industries. Digital transformation customer queries is about going beyond merely digitizing and automating existing customer support processes. It is about creating platforms that allow customers to communicate, exchange data, and switch between different legacy systems seamlessly, thereby enhancing their experience. In its traditional sense, it dates back to the time humans started trading.

This will give your team an opportunity to comment and engage with customers who want to improve your product. Customers hate repeating their problems to your reps. This happens when they’re either transferred to new reps or dealing with an agent who isn’t paying close attention. When customers have to describe their issue multiple times, it’s both a frustrating and time-consuming experience.


89 percent will spend more with companies that allow them to find answers online without having to contact anyone. But good customer support isn’t just about solving a problem and moving on. Trust & Will’s Meg Palazzolo emphasizes the importance of support reps being personable.

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This will help you to understand which platform your customers are using the most. And it will also give you important insights into the demography of your audience too. Physical encounters can occasionally put you in a difficult situation if a customer is dissatisfied and wants immediate solutions. It can be very time-consuming to reply to the same queries again and again on a day-to-day basis. For instance, Air India has a chatbot called “Maharaja,” which is named after the company’s brand logo. You can build a support community where users interact with each other and solve each other’s issues.

How Customer Service Works

Generally these complaints have to do with a product not functioning as expected, or perhaps something was damaged during shipping. It’s good to track these types of complaints as they can provide great insight into potential future areas of investment for your company. These are the top 5 tips which can help a company to make their customer service experience better and provide value to them. Since technology has become affordable and no longer acts as a competitive advantage, the quality of customer service plays an important role to determine the presence in the market.

  • Customer support is the team of people who provide help when customers have trouble with a company’s products or services.
  • While engaging with customers, executing deals, and so on, you can simply classify their feedback.
  • They expect their customer service interactions to be tailored and personalized.
  • For instance, Chatwoot gives a platform to its customers to interact and learn from each other on its Discord community.

The more you know about the customer, the better you’ll be able to personalize the resolution, too. Additionally, global companies could try a follow-the-sun approach to customer service—a type of workflow in which customer issues can pass between offices in different time zones. According to our CX Trends Report, 3 in 4 individuals say a poor interaction with a business can ruin their day. Make sure your support agents are the solution to their problems, not the cause. Being bounced around and having to retell an issue multiple times is a bad experience.

However, despite their best efforts, not many are able to survive tough competition. On top of that, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has only aggravated the situation, forcing many promising small businesses and startups to shut shop. One of the most important customer support trends for the future is the efficient collection, analysis, and application of customer data. For instance, if your company deals with appliances and gadgets, having on-site support can be your priority.

The alternative to “permanent, pervasive, and personal” is “temporary, specific, and external.” In this light, negative interactions become more manageable and actionable. Suppose you’ve promised your customer something and never get around to it. Sometimes all it takes is one ignored message or email and you suddenly have an angry customer. Even though you may not know when you will have the product available again, you can help satisfy your angry customer’s impatience by telling them that you will let them know when you get it in.

Social messaging options like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger enable businesses to meet customers on the same channels customers are already using in their personal lives. In fact, inquiries over WhatsApp,

Facebook Messenger, and regional favorites like WeChat or Line jumped 36% last year—higher than any other channel. The nature of technical support demands a level of specialization in the products and services, which can lead to repetitive work over time. Years ago, when a support ticket was opened when a problem started and closed when it was solved, a quick diagnosis made more sense. For a modern support operation, taking the time to set customers up for success is necessary follow-through.

customer queries

By acknowledging the issue, you’re showing the customer you care and that you take their request seriously. There’s a saying that goes, “Anytime you argue with a customer you lose.” Even if you’re not at fault, a simple acknowledgement can go a long way to keeping you in someone’s good graces. Make it easy to solve issues by providing self-service options and being easy to connect with across channels. Now that you have a good grasp of the issues your customers are facing, it’s time to address the main causes. If your team works in a call center, Average Time on Hold (ATH) is one of your most important call center metrics.

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